[gardeners] Sunday in the garden

George Shirley (gardeners@globalgarden.com)
Sun, 15 Mar 1998 16:39:23

We got started about 10:30 this morning on the yard and garden and I gave
it up about 4:15 pm. Miz Anne is still out there messing around but,then,
she's younger and prettier than I am.

Tilled about 500 square feet with the Mantis, including a strip 3X40 down
the west fence line. The main veggie garden is ready to plant and phase one
of the herb garden is also ready to plant. Phase one is 12X22 and I haven't
made up my mind how I want my paths to run just yet. Thinking about using
concrete stones and run them corner to corner, cutting the area up into a
diamond surrounded by triangles. Should make it easier for my old back and
knees to get down there and work. Phase two will be an additional 12X22
stretch that will reach nearly to the veggie garden, IF I decide to add
phase two.

We lost the entire batch of squash and cukes we set out two weeks ago. Just
couldn't handle the high winds and three light frosts in a row. Even
through their little newspaper cloches they bit the dust. Another batch is
up and growing under the lights as I write this. The tomatoes, chiles, and
eggplants went out into the greenhouse today to harden off. Well, it's not
really a greenhouse but it kinda, sorta, looks like one. It's two 4 foot
potting benches tied together with 8 foot 2X4's and covered with 10 mil
polyethylene. It works like a greenhouse as it has protected all of the
stuff from the patio all winter plus my herbs in pots. My rosemary looks
like it has grown about 4 inches and the sage, thyme, oreganos, etc all
look good too. Makes me anxious to get this stuff in the ground but I think
I'm gonna wait another week just to be sure.

Other than a strong wind it was glorious today, lots of sunshine, boids
choiping as our Brooklyn friends say, and lots of bumble and orchard bees
flitting about in the blueberries and the azaleas. Pretty neat to walk up
to an azalea blossom and catch a bumble bee taking 40 winks in there. I
thought it was dead until I poked it with a finger and it got irate enough
to chase me away.

Gotta go figure out what we're eating tonight hope y'all having a good day.

George, Anne, and Sleepy Dawg