Re: [gardeners] Flowers, cut and otherwise

Kay Lancaster (
Sun, 22 Mar 1998 11:43:17 -0800 (PST)

On Sun, 22 Mar 1998, Liz Albrook wrote:

> Thanks for the suggestions, Kay.  I thought that lobelia cardinalis 
> is a perennial -- did I miss something here?  I'm sure that area is 
> going to have borage in it -- it was my most common weed last year.
> And parsley -- I can't seem to get rid of parsley.  It's even growing 
> in the rock-soil-black plastic area around my pool.  Nothing kills 

Wish I had your parsley problems.  I love tabouli, and seem to be able
to eat all I grow.  The parsley edging in front gets harvested last,
but it still gets harvested.  ;-)

It is, but it's weakly perennial, and blooms the first year from seed.
It's commonly found on sandbars in rivers in the Missouri Ozarks, and
in those sorts of ephemeral habitats, it's wise to get your seeds
germinating and the new seeds set ASAP.  I think my record was 6 weeks
seed to first flower starting with green seed.  At any rate, individual
plants seem to die within 3-5 years, though there's always volunteers
coming on.  At least that was the way it was in my IA gardens.

Someplace I've got a list of perennials that do a fairly good job of
flowering in their first year, but I'll have to dig it up and see
which don't require much time from seed.

Hey, don't forget the larkspurs! Or do they burn out in your summers?

Kay Lancaster
just west of Portland, OR; USDA zone 8