[gardeners] Spring

George Shirley (gardeners@globalgarden.com)
Sun, 22 Mar 1998 15:26:28

It warmed up with a vengeance out there today, 74F in the full sun. I
finally gave out hauling bricks to the herb garden. Got my pathways about
half done. Imagine, if you will, a diamond with 3 triangles on each side.
That's the way the paths will end up. Cutting the herb garden up into small
pie shapes I can work with with a rosemary, var. "Tuscan Blue" centered in
the diamond. If I could draw with this mail program I could describe it
better. Anyway, the paths are 12 inches wide, just enough to walk on and
kneel on or to put my gardening stool on. To one side is a Kieffer dwarf
pear, at top center is a Ponderosa lemon, on the west top corner is a
Kumquat, and just below the lower edge there is an aprium and a pluot, both
dwarves. The trees are ringed with freshly planted garlic cloves and I did
manage to get the chives in the ground when I was distracted by a pup that
wanted to play. 

Miz Anne is out front planting some iris rhizomes the neighbor just gave
us. Our first white iris to go with the Louisiana beardless in bronze and
purple with yellow throat. The white is bearded so will match the bearded
pale lavender and the deep purples plus the yellow flag on the hill. She is
also fertilizing the flower beds in front. The Louisiana iris are blooming,
the deep red amaryllis has huge buds about ready to open. The Shirley
poppies, the few that survived, haven't bloomed yet but the Calendula is in
full bloom, these are bright yellow. The pink begonias that grow like weeds
around here are blooming and the azaleas are beginning to fade. The crazy
jacobena have gotten about 2 feet tall and are ready to bloom also. I do
believe it may be spring but I'm hesitant to tempt fate by declaring it so.
Last time I did we had 3 consecutive mornings of frost.