Re: [gardeners] Spring

penny x stamm (
Tue, 24 Mar 1998 01:53:42 -0500

Thank you, George, for your description of the Shirley
poppies. I was told NOT to attempt planting the Icelandic
poppies in this climate by a venerable gardener in 
England. Nevertheless, I could not resist. I had seen them
blooming in the open shade of a tree, in the month of June.
Loved 'em .... 

If they survive the winter, and decide to do anything this
season, I'll message you.

By the way, I have 8 annual flower beds, all watered by
underground drip irrigation on a clock. Only the separate
rose bed is raised, but it also is watered underground. I
fertilize underneath each seedling with Osmocote. Some
years I may give one quick shot of Miracle Grow in August.

Penny Stamm, zone 6, NY

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