Re: [gardeners] Herb garden

Liz Albrook (
Wed, 25 Mar 1998 16:09:32 +0000

Barb Rothenberger <> wrote:

> Ray started some arugula this year - haven't grown it before but
> sure is pretty in salads.  Maybe I will like homegrown better.

My Ray loves arugula and radish leaves in salad. 

Margaret wrote a couple of years ago about arugula and horse urine.  
I could see the connection until I grew some of that large-leaf 
arugula.  Blech!  We like arugula selvetica, the small leaf, wild 
arugula.  It is much better than the other kind with a cleaner, 
clearer taste.  

Last year we had some unbelievable salads with several leaves from 
the mustard family as well as more traditional salad and mesclun 
greens.  We also discovered that mature kohlrabi, beet and turnip 
leaves make wonderful greens when cooked in the style of Indian 
peasants with ginger, red pepper and corn flour.