Re: [gardeners] Herb garden

Margaret Lauterbach (
Thu, 26 Mar 1998 08:04:09 -0700

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>Barb Rothenberger <> wrote:
>> Ray started some arugula this year - haven't grown it before but
>> sure is pretty in salads.  Maybe I will like homegrown better.
>My Ray loves arugula and radish leaves in salad. 
>Margaret wrote a couple of years ago about arugula and horse urine.  
>I could see the connection until I grew some of that large-leaf 
>arugula.  Blech!  We like arugula selvetica, the small leaf, wild 
>arugula.  It is much better than the other kind with a cleaner, 
>clearer taste.  
>Last year we had some unbelievable salads with several leaves from 
>the mustard family as well as more traditional salad and mesclun 
>greens.  We also discovered that mature kohlrabi, beet and turnip 
>leaves make wonderful greens when cooked in the style of Indian 
>peasants with ginger, red pepper and corn flour.

Liz, would you like some seeds for a mustard lettuce that I grew last year?
 They may have crossed with Oriental cabbages (everything was in blossom at
the same time, but I think I got prophylactic cages in place for the
mustard lettuce in time).  I don't know who sent the seeds to me last year,
but everyone who tasted it loved it.  It's not powerfully mustardy, but
kind of an after-taste.  Best, Margaret