Re: [gardeners] Hydro-poolic gardens

George Shirley (
Wed, 01 Apr 1998 22:11:09

At 08:31 PM 4/1/98 +0000, you wrote:
>Liz's production of seaweed, kelp, and other aquatic life forms 
>should inspire us all -- whether we have swimming pools, creeks, 
>river frontage or (as in our case) just some old galvanized washtubs 
>in which we keep water for the deer, raccoons, armadillos, rabbits, 
>snakes, and birds..
I have a friend who, after his children left home, turned the family pool
into a fishing lure test pond. Kicked a couple of trees off in it, a few
bass, a few perch, couple dozen shiners, and there was a self-sustaining
piscatorial environment. New lures were given the final test in Lac Kenny
prior to going to the big lac. I still envy him, not his pool, his decision
making ability.

>However, if oneis so fortunate as to have a swimming pool, a decision 
>must be reached., Is this facility to be used solely for 
>swimming or for the production of crops/livestock, or some 
>combination thereof? For those who eat catfish, would this be a 
>viable crop? For beautification,should we plant water hyacinths? For 
>scientific research, take-what-comes andcommit ourselves to the 
>making of detailed, periodic reports to the County Agent?
>On the answers to these challenges one will makeone's  plans for 
>one's water experiences. Think of the challenges! Think of the 
>Let us all put our heads together that we may, as it were, Keep Water 
>on the Brain.
>			Pat
I often think some of us may have other liquids on the brain.

George, ready for bed after a long day of work and gardening