Re: [gardeners] Fusarium - Basil

Margaret Lauterbach (
Thu, 02 Apr 1998 08:23:28 -0700

At 10:12 PM 4/1/98 +0000, you wrote:
>Bad news about the spread of the disease in basil.
>I talked with two good-sized commercial growers in my area today. They 
>both reported their first experience with Fusarium in their basil stock. 
>Both are using certified seed from Johnny's. One of the growers is 
>certified organic and particularly interested in tracking the spread in 
>the commercial seed supply.
>Johnny's is a great supplier, and as far as I know Johnny's and Richters 
>have been the leaders in identifying the threat to basil and institutiing 
>certification standards. Johnny's has said that even with certificated 
>seed, there is no guarantee that seed won't be contaminated.
>So, if you're growing basil this season, pay really close attention to the 
>condition of the seedlings. If even a single seedling/plant looks "sickly" 
>I'd advise you destroy the plant and replace surrounding soil immediately 
>to try and contain the spread of disease
>Catharine for whom a season without basil would be miserable indeed
Catharine, thank you for this information.  How early in the seedlings'
development does the fusarium show up?  Thanks, Margaret