[gardeners] Weekend report

George Shirley (gardeners@globalgarden.com)
Sun, 05 Apr 1998 19:44:28

Saturday I got out and had to water all the new transplants and seeds. It
has been dry and windy here in SW Louisiana with minimal rain for the last
month. On the plus side we have had beautiful days with blue bird skies and
enough sunshine to suit anyone. 

We have coming up in the main garden: green beans, crowder peas, radishes,
chard, kohlrabi, lettuce, and New Zealand spinach. In the herb garden the
basils, winter savory, onion and garlic chives, malva verticillata, leaf
celery, English thyme, amaranth (pig weed), borage, hyssop, dill, shallots,
garlic, lovage, nasturtium, and chamomile are all up and growing. Neither
of the fennels, Florence or Bronze, has come up yet. I did a bit of weeding
(it's easy to recognize winter rye and St. Augustine grasses plus a little
chickweed) and checked the new fruit trees. Found 1 caterpillar on each
tree and squished them. The tree collars went on immediately. The Ponderosa
lemon tree is completely loaded with little lemons about as big as the
first joint of my thumb.

The Tumbler tomatoes, hanging in baskets along the south eave of the
carport, are loaded with little tomatoes. I'm watering them about every
other day at the moment and will be giving them a little fertilizer
tomorrow. My Chinese Yam and Jicama seeds haven't broken the ground yet but
I'm checking daily. Got some Jerusalem artichokes on order and another 5X30
foot net for the cukes and crowder peas to grow on. We're hitting close to
80F nearly every day so it won't be long for most things to be ready to eat.

Almost forgot, the transplanted elderberrie bushes are coming along good
also. We moved them from the west side of the house to the east side of the
backyard. A bit more sunshine and easier to care for there plus they no
longer interfere with the electric line coming into the house.

Better get my rest, gotta turn the compost pile tomorrow and go scrounge
some more bagged leaves and grass around the neighborhood.

Life is bery, bery good.