[gardeners] This 'n that

George Shirley (gardeners@globalgarden.com)
Wed, 08 Apr 1998 15:28:11

Went into town today to the Super Walmart to get some big bags of Magic
Earth potting soil. Miz Anne talked me into stopping at the Hobby Lobby
crafts store. Glad I did, they had terra cotta pots of many sizes marked
down 1/3. Bought some 14 inch round pots for $1.77 each, pretty cheap for
around here. Also got a terra cotta pot saucer, about 16 inches across for
less than a buck. The saucer is now a bird bath out by the herb garden.
Took two terra cotta 4 inch X 18 inch tiles, 25 cents each when another
hobby store went out of business, cemented them together then cemented the
saucer to the top. Stuck a couple of bricks in the saucer for the birds to
stand on and there it was, a bird bath. Do I need to put some little bars
of soap and some teeny little towels out or do the birds bring their own? ;-)

Took one of the 33 lb bags of potting soil and potted up my last surviving
papaya tree from last year. It was to big for the pot it was in and now I
have a way to bring it in and out as necessary. If the loquat seeds I
planted yesterday grow a loquat tree will go in a sheltered place in the
back garden. I can see the sign on the street now: "Shirley Clan Rare Fruit
Garden and Herb Farm."

Did I mention previously that my Tumbler tomatoes have fruit and I can only
hope we will have fresh tomatoes by May 15th. Yeah, I'm sure I did but
being the modest gardener I am will mention it again. Particularly for
those brethern and sistern up no'th. <VBG>