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Wed, 08 Apr 1998 20:19:56 -0400

At 02:39 PM 08-04-98 +0000, you wrote:
>George Shirley <> wrote:
>> We've had several people sign on to gardeners-l in the last few
>> days. If you have any questions about the list I'll do my best to
>> answer them. If you have gardening questions I'm sure one or more of
>> our knowledgeable members will leap into action. 
>For goodness sakes don't listen to any of George's advice about 
>gardening.  He can't even grow zucchini.

I don't thiink George is interested in zucchini.  That veggie, if I
remember correctly, is your forte, Liz and sorry no accents on my email.

Cold, crisp and clear here and daffodils popping up into bloom all over.
If it doesn't freeze again I guess we are really into spring.  Tomorrow to
the lumber yard, this weekend a former student is coming over to help me
dig and then the cannas/callas go in.  And some more lettuce.  It's still
to cold to think about most of my flowers, beans, pumpkins (I am going to
plant some, having finally emptied the freezer of the tonnnage I froze 3
years ago...some people - me - never learn).  The rose bushes are in leaf-bud.

Should be a good year.  We deserve a good long summer after last year.  


>>You may notice that  we're a quiet bunch most of the time.
>Only when we're being good, George.
>> George