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George Shirley (
Wed, 08 Apr 1998 19:10:26

At 08:19 PM 4/8/98 -0400, you wrote:
>At 02:39 PM 08-04-98 +0000, you wrote:
>>George Shirley <> wrote:
>>> We've had several people sign on to gardeners-l in the last few
>>> days. If you have any questions about the list I'll do my best to
>>> answer them. If you have gardening questions I'm sure one or more of
>>> our knowledgeable members will leap into action. 
>>For goodness sakes don't listen to any of George's advice about 
>>gardening.  He can't even grow zucchini.
>I don't thiink George is interested in zucchini.  That veggie, if I
>remember correctly, is your forte, Liz and sorry no accents on my email.
>Cold, crisp and clear here and daffodils popping up into bloom all over.
>If it doesn't freeze again I guess we are really into spring.  Tomorrow to
>the lumber yard, this weekend a former student is coming over to help me
>dig and then the cannas/callas go in.  And some more lettuce.  It's still
>to cold to think about most of my flowers, beans, pumpkins (I am going to
>plant some, having finally emptied the freezer of the tonnnage I froze 3
>years ago...some people - me - never learn).  The rose bushes are in
>Should be a good year.  We deserve a good long summer after last year.  
>>>You may notice that  we're a quiet bunch most of the time.
>>Only when we're being good, George.
>>> George
Actually I had thought I might grow some of that variety that Liz touts so
highly. I'm thinking of enclosing the carport and making it into a garage.
I could use a good source of lumber. ;-)