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Garden Nut (gardeners@globalgarden.com)
Thu, 09 Apr 1998 10:15:51 -0400

Good morning this dreary Michigan morning.  Raining again!!!

I've noticed in reading through various garden email groups
and newsgroups that many people become truly "addicted" to
gardening.  As a result, I thought it would be fun to create
a mail group called gardenersanonymous (shorted to
gardenanonymous due to restrictions on length of name) and
develop our own 12 step program for breaking the garden
addiction.  I'll be upfront--I am one of these gardeners so
I understand the dynamics.  Yes, this email group is a bit
of a joke but let's have some fun anyway.  Here is the
description I've written:

Do you feel blue if it rains and you can work in your
garden?  Is winter really rough for you because you're
confined indoors?  GardenAnonymous is a support group for
compulsive gardeners.  Some of the symptoms are a compulsion
to buy just one more plant and then everything will look
perfect.  Compulsive weeding.  Depression if you can't find
something to do in your garden.  We'll support each other in
breaking the "compulsive" garden habit.  

With the help of members on the list, we'll  create a
website for Gardener's Anonymous.  One of the features will
be the 12 Steps for breaking the gardening addiction.

You're invited to come join the discussions.  However,
remember this is NOT a list for chat about garden plants or
techniques.  All discussion must be on breaking a compulsive
To sign up for the list, please go to: 
-- Click on the button to subscribe to the gardenanonymous

Hope to see you aboard.  Let's have a bit of fun with
this--but remember people can truly become addicted to
anything including plant buying!

Diana Pederson, Zone 5, Michigan
Suite101 Editor: