Re: [gardeners] This 'n that

Margaret Lauterbach (
Thu, 09 Apr 1998 07:04:40 -0600

>>Actually, I think you told us you'd been eating those Tumbler tomatoes.
>>Eatin' them green?  Or stretching the truth?  Margaret
>Nope, been eating HeatWave II's, off'n a plant leftover from last fall. Got
>the last one the other day and then yanked the sucker to make room for
>newer varieties. We're sorta in between tomatoes right now. Thought I might
>buy one at the supermarket until I saw the sickly looking things. Kind of a
>pale pink with overtones of not ripe yet green, hard as a rock.
Well, I grew Rev. Morrow's Long Keeper last year, picked all in early
October.  The box of long keepers was perched on the edge of a stack of
tires, and Chuck accidentally knocked it over, bouncing all of my long
keepers into the center of the tires.  We retrieved them, and one by one,
as they showed bruises, we tossed them.  Had 6 or 8 left, then the %^&*(
damned mice had their way with them and I ended up with two 'maters.
Washed them thoroughly in early March, and cut into one.  Ugly sucker.
Pale streaky red/pink outside, not much better inside, but it tasted like a
tomato!  Haven't eaten the smaller one yet.  Also test growing a different
kind of long keeper this year.  Year before last, the long keeper I grew
tasted like the worst hot dog you ever ate.  Yes, a tomato that tasted like
a bad hot dog.  P-tui.  For some reason I can't lay my hands on the variety.  

Hah!  The reason is you have an avalanche of papers in this room, you dodo.
 Anyway, supermarkets don't have a lock on ugly tomatoes.  Mine weren't
afflicted with cannonballitis, though.  Margaret