Re: [gardeners] skirret

Margaret Lauterbach (
Thu, 09 Apr 1998 15:35:07 -0600

At 05:27 PM 4/9/98 -0400, you wrote:
>>>We actually got quite a dialog going, as one of them was very
>>>that I was a nurse and was actually digging in the dirt!  I was planting a
>>>few things
>>>near the trampoline, and talking with the children.
>>>Coastal NC
>>>Zone 8
>>>Sunset zone 31
>>Well, I would be surprised too. I thought you just sat on the ground to
>>test temperatures. <BSEG>
>Dearest George,
>Over the years, I have discovered many, many ways to test temperatures  ;-)
>I dare not even begin to tell all on *this* list  ;-)
>Bambi--who must admit that sitting in the soil is one of my favorite ways
I noticed that you did that at night, Bambi.  Did you face the neighbors or
did you have your back turned?  Margaret