Re: [gardeners] Deedee et all

Beulah Mae (
Fri, 10 Apr 1998 03:50:47 +0000 <> wrote:

> What's Deedee doing these days?
> Ginny in Victoria who wonders if Deedee et al were killed off while
> I was  off-line.


DeDe is doing just fine.  Chatty Cathy is working all day and all 
night too on the computer and DeDe says she don't get much chance at 
all to talk to her internet pals.  She was gonna get her own computer 
but the Revinooers came and took Aunt Edna's printin press and all 
her money with it so DeDe done end up spending her money to keep Aunt 
Edna outta jail instead of spending Aunt Edna's money to buy her own 
computer like she was a'plannin to do.  I reckon that after Chatty 
Cathy gets finished selling that Herb fellow ole DeDe will be around 
talking to us.  

DeDe keeps talking about Cathy getting a Eubie for being hardheaded, 
yall know how she is, but I always thought a Eubie had something to 
do with jazz or singing or dancing or something.  But DeDe says no, 
it's cause Cathy is bossy and don't get along with anybody.  I 
don't think that's right cause Chatty Cathy always gets along good 
with me and iffen it was for something like being bossy then Lizzie 
Lou wouldn't be running around the her house moaning that she ain't 
ever gonna get her own Eubie.

Jimbo is up visitin with Miss Bambie.  He's lookin real good and 
smiling a lot since Aunt Edna done took all the blame for that money 
printing.  I heard that he was planning on helping Cousin Bambie with 
her soil testing.  Said Bambie had a bum and it was freezing.  That 
sounds just like Cousin Bambie -- she's always been adopting ever 
stray that comes down the pike so I ain't at all surprised she's got 
her a bum.  Jimbo, he says that ain't the kind of bum that's freezin 
but that boy talks crazy sometimes.

Have you seen Ed from Maine anywhere?  I done lost touch with that 
fella and he was a great guy even if he was a Yankee.  I was thinking 
that me and Ed could go over and grow something in Lizzie Lou's 
garden this year since she ain't gonna grow nothing.  Maybe we could 
plant some tall corn.  I sure miss ole Ed.

Whuts been happenin in your neck of the woods?

Beulah Mae