Re: [gardeners] Deedee et all

Michael & Bambi Cantrell (
Mon, 25 May 1998 23:54:37 -0400

> What's Deedee doing these days?


DeDe is doing just fine.  Chatty Cathy is working all day and all
night too on the computer and DeDe says she don't get much chance at
all to talk to her internet pals.  She was gonna get her own computer
but the Revinooers came and took Aunt Edna's printin press and all
her money with it so DeDe done end up spending her money to keep Aunt
Edna outta jail instead of spending Aunt Edna's money to buy her own
computer like she was a'plannin to do.  I reckon that after Chatty
Cathy gets finished selling that Herb fellow ole DeDe will be around
talking to us.

Jimbo is up visitin with Miss Bambie.  He's lookin real good and
smiling a lot since Aunt Edna done took all the blame for that money
printing.  I heard that he was planning on helping Cousin Bambie with
her soil testing.  Said Bambie had a bum and it was freezing.  That
sounds just like Cousin Bambie -- she's always been adopting ever
stray that comes down the pike so I ain't at all surprised she's got
her a bum.  Jimbo, he says that ain't the kind of bum that's freezin
but that boy talks crazy sometimes.

Whuts been happenin in your neck of the woods?

Beulah Mae

Dearest Cousin Beulah,

Jimbo finally made it up here to see us!  I was expectin' him to show up way
time back.  He barged right in the door (you know he never did cotton to
mumblin somethin' about us havin' moved the privy, and him afallin' in the
hole that we ain't got filled in yet.  Oh, Lord! He did reek to high
We ain't got no fresh maters yet, so we got out the old lye soap and
to washing!  Bout wore the hide off, I do tell ya.  We had this big ol' pot
in the back
yard that the chickens been roostin' in.  We had to run them out and clean
nest out before we put Jimbo in there.  Found a chicken snake in that ol'
Good thing Jimbo made us have to clean it out. I did wonder why that chicken
weren't alayin', she being fairly young and all...  Not at all old enuff for
stewed chicken
We took us some o' them fabric softener sheets, ya know, the kind that comes
those little boxes, and ya just tear off a sheet for something.   I put some
on my
clothes, but it looked funny, and they weren't any softer.  Anyway, someone
tol' me that it would help Jimbo smell better.  Didn't work.  I might just
as well spent
that money on some good Peach Snuff and at least enjoyed it.  Thank goodness
that Cousin Mary Ellen came and brought us some of that liquid softener
It didn't feel any softer than water, but that's what they called it anyway.
We poured it in that ol' wash tub with Jimbo after we rinsed the lye soap
off (what
a filthy tub of water!  I bet Jimbo ain't bathed since he left you Cousin
Anyway, it done took the stink out.  We even let Jimbo come up on the front
and sit in the chair, ya know, the one next to the washin' machine?  Anyway,
all sat out there and ate our supper and fed the hounds.  Good ol' Blue is
with us and is still the best darn coon dog in these parts, even if he
cain't half
see anymore.
Cousin Ella Mae came over just as soon as she heard that Jimbo was here.
She scrubbed him *all* over!  I kept tellin' her that some of those parts
were clean
enuff, but she kept scrubbing.  Jimbo did seem to enjoy it, so I kept my
shut after that.  After supper, Cousin Ella Mae and Jimbo disappeared around
the barn.  She said she had some plowing out there that she wanted Jimbo to
help her with.  She started her a little garden out there this spring, but
it ain't hardly
big enuff to plow, but Jimbo seemed eager to help, so I set on the porch and
my mouth shut.  After a while, they both come back and did seem happy, so I
guess it did them both a world of good...  Their faces had a nice glow with
some sweat a dripping off of them so I guess they got the work done.  They
out there twice so far this evening a testin' soil temps and a plowing they
That ought to be a productive garden this year!
Well, I gotta go.  Just wanted ya to know that Jimbo did finally show up and
all seems well.  Still don't know what took him so long to get here!

Love y'all,

Cousin Bambie