Re: [gardeners] weed killer

penny x stamm (
Mon, 25 May 1998 23:43:53 -0400

Under wet conditions weed killer doesn't work well -- if it's Round-up 
or its cousins, according to the label of the stuff we just got.  But 
thanks for the reference.  Lucinda
Lucinda, guess I certainly didn't mean under wet conditions. Rain 
itself would slow down or stop the Roundup from working. What I
had in mind was normal good-growing conditions, healthy grass. If
you proceed with your plan, tell us how it works out, ok? 

I made a terrible mistake a coupla years ago -- I mowed the lawn 
extra short prior to using Roundup on 2,000 sqft which were being
taken over by bent grass. THEN I read the Roundup label! It says
to have whatever you wish to kill off be as tall as possible, so there
will be more surface upon which to work. Bummer! 

Penny, NY zone 6 

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