Re: [gardeners]rainfall

penny x stamm (
Tue, 26 May 1998 00:54:56 -0400

George,  we've only received 3.7 inches of rain in May this
year -- but when it comes, it's often destructive. We depend on 
the water coming down from the Catskill Mountains when there
has been a good previous winter's snowfall. 

Today it was 80* north of us in Boston, and 80* south of us in
either Philadelphia or Washington, DC. But we only reached
64* today, and froze our wet backs off! I thought we might work 
on thru the drizzle but out of the grey there came a close flash
of lightning and a wild clap of thunder, enuff to frighten a person 
to death, and so we fled inside. One hour later it stopped, and 
we returned to the planting -- this time definitely with wet feet!

We put in:

 12  brachycomes (look like purple asters with yellow centers)
   2  blue daisy 'Felicia'
   1  pennisetum purpurescens Annual Fountain Grass
120 red begonias
  48 blue ageratum

and moved a flowering quince, a coral azalea, a perennial aster
and an 18" white pine seedling we found hiding.  Have 4 more
beds to go...

Penny NY zone 6

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