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I love pansies, too.  I plant them in 2 large pots on either side of my
front steps first thing in the spring (I'm usually following the garden
center workers around as they put the first ones out in March so I can
get first pick). This year, I've got yellow and purple, my favorite
combination, too.  They really perk up the front of the house, where the
previous owners thought no flowers belonged (I hope to change that
soon).  Then when the weather starts to cool down in the fall, I pull
them up on the steps so they're a little more protected and they bloom
all winter.  I hardly ever water them.  The pot I had left from last
summer wasn't watered from probably September, on, and they bloomed all

Alice in London, Ohio (zone 5b) whose pansies are the prettiest on the

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> Pansies, here, overwinter every single year. For years on end! I don't
> care
> if they *are* common - I like them in yellow and purple around Easter!
> Rosemary - who is saying this but who doesn't have any pansies planted
> because I don't want them to overtake my perennial beds!
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> >>heck with it.  I'm also ready to stick out heliotrope.
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> >There's always pansies, very tough.  Lucinda
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