Re: [gardeners] Lunch today

George Shirley (
Fri, 10 Apr 1998 16:10:15

At 01:47 PM 4/10/98 -0600, Margaret Lauterbach wrote:
>At 01:11 PM 4/10/98, you wrote:
>>Since it is Good Friday today and a no-meat day for Miz Anne I fixed my
>>world (well locally anyway) famous tuna salad. Lots of Texas 1015Y sweet
>>onion, homemade pickle relish, chopped black olives, dash cayenne and a
>>dash black pepper, chopped hard-boiled eggs, hot mustard, fat-free salad
>>dressing. Surprise ingredients on this batch were the freshly picked and
>>chopped salad burnet (cucumber taste), leaf celery, and French tarragon.
>>Put this mixture on some toasted jalapeno/cheese bread and topped with
>>sharp cheddar cheese then under the broiler to make tuna melts. Topped off
>>with a glass of unsweetened mint tea and followed by a half grapefruit each
>>(Texas Ruby Red naturally). Damn, I'm good at tossing stuff together. Would
>>have liked some lettuce to go with but the last of the late lettuce is
>>bolting and bitter and the new stuff isn't big enough yet. Tonight we will
>>have broiled cod fillets with tarragon butter and lemon juice, some dilly
>>beans and a few carrots, a good fast day meal. 
>>Sunday we will be at our daughters place in Texas were she promises
>>barbecued ham, baked beans, two different pies, and all the tea we can
>>drink. I'm taking the half whole wheat bread the grandkids like and my own
>>design potato salad. I design it by what I have on hand at the time and no
>>one has complained yet. I do love holidays.
>Sounds good, George.  You sound like a friend who cautions people not to
>ask for the recipe, because "freezer soup" is an old family secret.

I'm rated a top notch cook by those who consume my grub and once, when I
had a restaurant, was rated a top rate chef by the Houston Chronicle.
Several people have suggested that I write a cookbook but then I would have
to write down all the ingredients and amounts thereof. No fun in that, I
cook by the by guess and by golly method. Do admit to a few failures. The
blue creamed corn didn't work, kinda looked like an airline barf bag. Made
some hummos once that I colored Irish green with food coloring, tasted okay
but had a sad effect on some people, they turned the same color when they
saw it. I forgot the first rule of living in the Middle East, "Never eat
anything green." You should try my Mexican tuna salad, made with Nopales,
black olives, and a little salsa. Actually tastes quite good as long as you
remember to rinse the nopales several times.