Re: [gardeners] tomatine?

George Shirley (
Fri, 10 Apr 1998 19:15:42

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>> At 04:35 PM 10-04-98, George Shirley wrote:
>> >Whoa up there Liz. You ever eaten Yellow Pear tomatoes? Taste really good
>> >but not high acid. Got a sweet, old time tomato taste, particularly if
>> >ripened. Of course they're so small you've got to stand at the plant and
>> >pick them all to get a good mess.
>> I had heritage yellow pear last summer and thought them a total
>> bore.  They really did have a  washed out flavour.  Too bad, too, as
>> they were very prolific.
>My sentiments exactly.  The only good (to me) yellow tomato I've 
>tried is Ruby Gold but it's red and yellow.  If you like those bland 
>yellow pears to eat off the vine you should try a Garden Peach -- 
>every bit as sweet and mild but with a delicious, full flavor.
Will keep Garden Peach in mind for next year along with Black from Tula and
Golden Girl, two of Catharine Vinson's recommendations. The Golden Girl
seed I ordered this year turned out to be sweet corn. That's what I get for
ordering from a Shumway subsidiary.