Re: [gardeners] protective mesh

penny x stamm (
Fri, 10 Apr 1998 23:02:58 -0400

Barb, you probably would need some hoops to keep the plastic 
mesh elevated. 

We do have nylon mesh which we have stapled up to some 6 ft
poles (and never remove -- it gets rolled up onto the poles and 
put away for the winter). We use this for all the Chinese snow peas.
Lasts forever.

And we also have some weather-proof coated metal fencing mesh,
semi-rigid. I think Jimmie must have found a giant roll of it years ago, 
when he was riding his bike to get the newspaper...  We've used it for 
snow peas, cucumbers, and to fashion a long fence (with the aid of 6ft 
steel poles every 6 ft) intended to keep the neighbor's big police dog 
from jumping over the stone wall and landing Every Time right on top 
of the lilies! My daughter uses it to contain her compost.
Penny, zone 6, NY

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