Re: [gardeners] Sunday

George Shirley (
Wed, 15 Apr 1998 19:23:42

At 04:23 PM 4/15/98 -0400, you wrote:
>>Granddaughter, age 11, (be 12 in November) is now 5 feet 4 inches tall,
>>wears a ladies size 9 1/2 shoe and a ladies size 9 dress. The oldest boy,
>>age 17, is topped out at 6 feet, 2 inches, and 200 lbs, wears a size 14
>>shoe. Middle boy is 5 feet 10 inches, will be 15 this month, but only
>>weighs about 130.
>I'd be real nice to these tots if I were you. :-)
>Cheryl Schaefer
>Zone 5 in the fabulous Finger Lakes of NY
Thank goodness they love their grandparents. Although being hugged by the
three of them is kinda like getting between a couple of beeves and getting
squeezed. ;-) Sleepy Dawg is very aware of the size of their feet and stays
out of range of being stepped on.