Re: [gardeners] Grandchild

Margaret Lauterbach (
Sun, 19 Apr 1998 08:35:14 -0600

At 08:26 AM 4/18/98, you wrote:
>At 11:30 pm CDST on April 17, 1998 the latest addition to the Shirley clan
>was born. Jordan Nelson Shirley weighed in at an even seven pounds even
>though she was three weeks early according to the ob. The proud parents are
>Ransome Lafayette Shirley and Mitzie Nelson Shirley of Houston, Texas. This
>was the only time I've been glad my son woke me up at midnight with a phone
>call. ;-)
>In celebration we're going nursery hopping today with my big sister. The
>orchid I wrote about yesterday is called "Walking" or "Drooping Iris"
>around here according to a lady Miz Anne talked to last night. Anne had
>taken an arrangement of Amaryllis and statice to the show opening at the
>art gallery and the lady had brought an arrangement of the orchids I had
>talked about. This gives me a starting point but does anyone have any ideas.
>George, "Big Daddy"
Congratulations George and Miz Anne.  Grandchildren are better than
children, I hear, 'cause when they mess their drawers you can hand them to
the parents for cleaning up.  When they cry you can leave.  You know that,
having "raised" three already.  A baby coming along later is a renewal of
interest, though.  Best, Margaret