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Mon, 20 Apr 1998 19:49:32

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>>Standing Cypress: gilia rubra, a biennial or perennial that
>>will grow from seed and sometimes even bloom the first year. It is
>>3 to 5 feet high, with feathery, threadlike leaves. The flowers are
>>scarlet, in a plume, and open from bottom to top.
>I know this as Ipomopsis rubra.  The USDA plant database lists
>both, and indicates they are synonymous.  Does anyone know
>which is more botanically correct?
>They show gilia as the common name for some ipomopsis sp.
>They show ipomopsis as the common name for some gilia sp.
>What the hell is more tiresome than taxonomy.
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It's those blasted botanists, they're trying to confuse the issue so they
can keep working. Once you're thoroughly confused then they decide to
rename a whole bunch of plants to confuse you further. Down with taxonomy,
down with botanists, gardeners of the world arise!

George, who stays confused anyway