[gardeners] Iced Tea Weather

Liz Albrook (gardeners@globalgarden.com)
Tue, 21 Apr 1998 15:31:47 +0000

The subject says it all -- it's iced tea weather here in the greater 
Lewiston area.  It's just warm enough for iced tea to taste *extra* 
good and just cool enough that you don't need to worry about 
dehydration.  I can sum it up in two words:  Wooooo Hooooo!

The leaves are finally showing on our new lindens.  I didn't realize 
these trees would be so late to leaf out.  The lilacs are just 
starting to bloom. The late tulips flushed into color on Saturday.  
This is the peak beauty season here in Lewiston -- the dogwoods are 
just starting to bloom and the cherries are just fading.  Flowering 
trees are very, very popular here and for about 2 weeks it looks as 
if everything in the valley is blooming. 

I've been planting and the some of the snaps are already starting to 
bloom.  After I planted the southside bed and had bought the plants 
to line the walk in the back I realized that I'm having an "intense 
color" year.   Every annual in the southside bed is intensely colored 
or white -- deep, velvety reds abound.  People who know me will be 
shocked when they see the walk behind the house -- I'm lining it with 
3 foot tall *orange* marigolds and intense blue lobelia with some 
purple alyssum thrown in for scent.  Doesn't that sound hideously 
ugly?  Looks pretty good though.  Perhaps I've lived in Idaho too 

No more water gardening in the pool -- it looks lovely sparkling in 
the sun.  Cheska the Wonderbeagle has a rug at each corner of the 
pool and she's spent the day sleeping in the sun, comparing the rugs 
for comfort.  In order to give her some excercise I tossed her a pig 
ear.  She spent about an hour walking from place to place in the 
yard, trying to find the perfect burial spot.  She finally gave up, 
sat on a rug and chewed it.

This evening will be Grilled Dinner Weather.  The zucchini and 
eggplant are already sliced and in the fridge.  If the truth is told 
we have grilled dinner weather at our house every month of the year.  
There's just something about the taste of food -- particularly 
veggies -- cooked on the grill.  It reminds me of summer and lifts my 
spirits.  Last year when there was a couple of feet of snow on the 
ground I was out on the patio grilling away.

Hope you folks are enjoying iced tea weather of your own.