Re: [gardeners] Iced Tea Weather

Margaret Lauterbach (
Wed, 22 Apr 1998 07:28:52 -0600

At 03:31 PM 4/21/98 +0000, you wrote:
>The subject says it all -- it's iced tea weather here in the greater 
>Lewiston area.  It's just warm enough for iced tea to taste *extra* 
>good and just cool enough that you don't need to worry about 
>dehydration.  I can sum it up in two words:  Wooooo Hooooo!
>The leaves are finally showing on our new lindens.  I didn't realize 
>these trees would be so late to leaf out.  The lilacs are just 
>starting to bloom. The late tulips flushed into color on Saturday.  
>This is the peak beauty season here in Lewiston -- the dogwoods are 
>just starting to bloom and the cherries are just fading.  Flowering 
>trees are very, very popular here and for about 2 weeks it looks as 
>if everything in the valley is blooming. 

>Hope you folks are enjoying iced tea weather of your own.

Yesterday was our first hot day of the year, but the U.S. Forest Service
ruined the day for outdoor activities.  (Aspirin stocks should have risen
as well).  They chose yesterday (not any of the sleazy chilly weather of
the past three weeks, but yesterday!) to begin controlled forest fires in
the mountains north of us.  The valley was choked with smoke all morning,
and when the winds shifted, most of the visible smoke drifted away, but not
all of it.  I spent the day inside, with a terrific headache.  Bet I know
what will happen next (if they ever "finish") lighting these fires --
they'll sell mushroom hunting permits to commercial pickers that are easily
accessed, and give free permits to Idaho residents for mushrooming miles
into the boonies.  

National forests themselves have gone commercial, little by little for the
past 10 years or so.  Permits are sold to individuals who then run
campgrounds, and those individuals are allowed to prohibit camping in all
but their designated campgrounds (people who have camped some distance away
for 20 years are no longer allowed to do so), and they can pretty much
charge whatever they want.  Make their own rules, etc.  Their rules don't
seem to prohibit eardrum blasting stereos, booze parties or barking dogs.  

Grump.  Enjoy your iced tea weather, Miz Liz.  Margaret