[gardeners] Gardens and kids

George Shirley (gardeners@globalgarden.com)
Mon, 27 Apr 1998 18:40:35

Was out in the gardens today, just poking around, pulling a weed or two,
caressing a few herbs, admiring the chiles that are making fruit, exhorting
the tomatoes to grow, bloom, and set fruit, and just generally enjoying the
day off. 

Got to thinking about our latest grandchild, who is going to look like her
daddy, has black hair, fair skin, and looks as though she might have his
grey-blue eye color once she gets past the baby eyes stage. This child is
going to start life in a condo in the Galleria area of Houston. No exposure
to plants other than the regimented whatever-is-in right now that the condo
association grows in the very few beds they allow. 

Looks like we will have to get possession of this child for a week or two
each summer and maybe a few weekends in between, just to expose her to a
life that is outside the YEA (Yuppie Entitlement Area)she will be growing
up in. The DIL cares naught for plants and dirt but adores possessions.
Yessir, it's gonna take a lot of work to keep a girl child from turning
into a big-haired Texas wannabe queen. I think we're up to it. Have had
great success along that line with a daughter and the elder granddaughter,
both of whom garden, fish, and like the outdoors.

By the by, the daughter just got an $1100.00 PTA grant to develop more
raised bed gardens at her school. The principal is now asking her to work
with the other teachers so that each grade at the elementary school will
have it's own raised bed garden. Must have been the publicity she got with
the pre-k gardens, which we saw for the first time since they were planted.
The herb and flower gardens are looking great.

Gotta go, need to baste the brisket cooking in the oven. This one has
another hour at 350F then 8 to 10 hours at 125F. Got a good mopping sauce
I'm laying on this one. Sleepy Dawg is licking her chops and whiffing the
air stream coming from the direction of the kitchen. Shoulda named her
Minnie the Moocher!

George, Life is good