Re: [gardeners] OT: Sometimes the world

Jane Burdekin (
Thu, 30 Apr 1998 05:35:51 -0600

What an awful thing to happen.  It is nice to see a town gather together in
support tho.  It doesn't happen often enough any more.  I see it a lot with
my own kids.  The things we grew up with, the respect we have for others
and for our country just seems to be fading away.  It's sad to see happen,
things that I just take for granted as a learned behavior, are not being
passed on to the children of the world.  I spend a lot of time with my kids
attempting to instill values in them and am always surprised when something
slips up.  I will just keep trying to keep them on the right track. 
Sometimes I think all the technology we have is not so good, of course with
out it I wouldn't have this list to talk on.  I think I wouldn't mind
taking a few steps back sometimes.  Best wishes to your town's recovery.


> This is definitely not about gardening, but I need to talk about it.  
> Maybe one or more of you will have something to say.  This is long 
> and maybe a bit depressing, but maybe not.  Feel free to skip it.
> Yesterday, the funeral of Pete Stucky (pronounced Stookey) was held 
> in Lewiston.