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penny x stamm (
Fri, 1 May 1998 01:52:40 -0400

Hi, Brenda -- seems to me that Lethbridge is rather near to
Calgary, and that you and I were both on Genie together, 
some years back...  How nice that you have found this 
gentle group! 

The fertilizing could not have stunted your alium, but the lack of
water could have. In future years you might have to keep an eye
on the drought and help Mother Nature with the bulbs. Of 
course, if the weather is below 32*, I am not sure how you would
water anything .....  

Wonder how the grass comes in, when it's still that cold? Do
you happen to know just which grasses you have in your lawn? 
Do you get many snowstorms in the wintertime, or is southern
Alberta a rather dry area? Are you on well water? 

Three or four winters ago we had 18 snowstorms. We called it
the winter from hell...  I love snow, but we had an awful lot of
die-back from this snowfall, because it was never deep enough
to completely bury the azaleas and rhodies. That meant that the 
top halves in a straight line around my property either lost all
their flower buds, or else browned out. I also lost a precious
8-y-o show shrub, abies koreana nana it was called, a
natural witch's broom one-of-a-kind, because the top half stuck
out through the solid ice which had spread across my property. 
We looked like a smooth skating rink about 2 feet off the ground! 

Then this past winter, we had only one snowstorm. Since my
husband worships snow, and would rather hand shovel our 
120 ft driveway than eat, drink or be merry, we were very sad..
Normally we get around 3 snowfalls, starting in January.   

Penny zone 6, near NYC

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