Re: [gardeners] blue flowers

penny x stamm (
Fri, 1 May 1998 02:06:28 -0400

Kay & Lee Ann, I went to four stores today and finally found
some Fuji film!  Sad to say, we are in for 3 days of rain starting now, 
so I may not get the chance to photograph my Starry Nights after all...
I know we have two polaroid filters, but they are neither in Jimmie's
gadget bag nor mine. We shall hunt them down in the morning, just 
in case the rain gives us a break. 

I do have a UV filter in front of my lens. That's not what you were
talking about, is it Lee Ann...? 

And Barb, for sure I'll get the chance to take some shots in the
drizzle. Maybe I'll get Jim to hold an umbrella over myself plus 
camera -- we'll see <G>.


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