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Cynthia Mayeaux (
Thu, 30 Apr 1998 23:34:25 -0400

At 07:18 PM 4/29/98, you wrote:
>Just commit to
>simple courtesy, be polite to everyone, and honest in your dealings. In
>other words, be another Pete Stucky, and hope for the very best.

I took that pledge eight years ago when I had my son.  I've never thought
of myself as particularly rude, but having a little one around made me so
aware of the amount of rudeness in the world.  Really caused me to take
myself to task.

I know it's working because my son is a very kind soul, he has better table
manners than anyone I've eaten with in the past 3 years, and he knows to
take his hat off when entering a building.

It's pretty disheartening to be confronted with meaness on a daily basis.
A co-worker had to rush to Chicago this past week because his son was badly
beaten and in the hospital.  Why?  Because he tried to help a womyn that
was being beat up by some men.  Guess that taught him a lesson.  It's
difficult to be kind to others nowadays, you just can't count on someone
being appreciative.  More times than not, they will actually turn on you.
I know I sound bitter, and I try not to, I just keep hoping that my little
world of manners will help in some way.

We have a lot of fighting at my work place and I've several times suggested
we chuck the expensive touchy feely seminars and take a refresher course in
manners.  They look at me like I am a nut, perhaps I am.  I'll just go talk
to my petunias and pansies they are never rude.

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