Re: [gardeners] OT: Sometimes the world

Gayle Fields (
Thu, 30 Apr 1998 21:31:12 -0600

Hi I, like Brenda, have been lurking for a while.  But I see the wise
and hunourous people that I love so much are on this list.  Have enjoyed
reading and learning.

Liz, what a tribute that your town has taken.  I have sat on this
message for a couple of days as it had a great effect on me.  It is like
a reality check for so many people that get caught up with the humdrum
ways of their existence.  A wake up call to the average person that
things are not right in so many instances.  I think that there are many
people out there that do kindnesses every day and it is only a traumatic
situation such as you experienced that wakes up the others.  It is
awesome to see people come together in times of strife and turmoil.  I
just wish they would "just come together" to celebrate, to enjoy, and to
praise each other and life on a regular basis.

I went through a sililar experience in Calgary which is about 700,000
strong.  A grandmother and her grandchild were knifed to death by a
person who was out on part time release.  I, too, stood with my head
bowed at a major intersection as the hearses passed by and when I looked
up there were so many others doing the same.

What I would like to know is how can we take this precious moment and
make it an everyday thing.  Like George said, we need to start
appreciating and protecting what is our most valued resource -- people.

I didn't mean to start with this list with an off topic conversation.  I
am not as well versed in gardening as so many others.  However, I have
felt that I am as valued as anyone else that belongs to the gardening
list as those that are so much more experienced than I.  So there you
go.......this group is made up of the type of people that you have
talked about.  Caring, concerned, valuing of others, supportive of
others, and they are not presumptuous.

Go well, my friend, you have experienced the group mind of empathy and
compassion.  It is quite an overwhelming experience.


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                                                Erik Erikson