Re: [gardeners] Rotten week/day

George Shirley (
Sat, 02 May 1998 21:56:17

At 07:03 AM 5/2/98 -0600, you wrote:
>>The garden grows and grows, we got a really nice soaking rain the other
>>day, the first in about a month. Rainwater does seem to do much more good
>>for the plants than the city water we use. Miz Anne weeded my new herb
>>garden for me, for which I am eternally grateful. Every time I bent over to
>>pull a weed it seemed as though my center of gravity shifted radically and
>>over I would go. Speaking of yarbs, my epazote never came up! I can't
>>believe this, what is a nuisance weed all over Texas won't grow for me in
>>Louisiana. The seed was this years packing so it must of been something I
>>did wrong. Once this little cool spell is over I'm gonna try again. The
>George, epazote is s-llllll-ooooo-wwww to germinate.  Maybe not as slow as
>it was for me until I discovered it needed light to germinate.  Once it has
>germinated, tiny pin pricks of plants just sit there forever before they
>start growing.  
>I'm not even 1/4 finished planting my garden.  And somewhere along the way
>I've got to dig out the rest of the quackgrass so I can plant some herbs in
>the west bed.  Chuck took on the quackgrass, and while I was watching, he
>pulled out rhizomes, putting them in the trash.  When I discovered I
>couldn't shove the shovel into the dirt I put on shoes and pushed the
>shovel into the soil.  There I discovered he had pulled the tops off the
>quackgrass when I wasn't looking.  Appeared to get a lot of work done, but
>it has to be done over again.  Margaret
Forty lashes for Chuck. Anne and I were weeding the raspberry row this
afternoon and it was full of knotweed and dollar weed. The knotweed is easy
to pull but you gotta chase down every little runner of dollar weed. Also
found the wild morning glories coming up again, time for the rubber gloves
and the roundup.

This epazote was to darned slow, I replanted today. Probably will get a
mass planting now. I've got 4 or 5 Chinese Yams up and growing and all 6
jicama seeds I planted sprouted. Something ate one sprout but the rest are
growing fine. I tell you what, for an old East Texas boy I'm sure getting
adventuresome in my planting of eating vittles. Oh well, anythings gotta be
better than collard greens and grits, yuck!