Re: [gardeners] Rotten week/day

Margaret Lauterbach (
Sat, 02 May 1998 07:03:15 -0600

>The garden grows and grows, we got a really nice soaking rain the other
>day, the first in about a month. Rainwater does seem to do much more good
>for the plants than the city water we use. Miz Anne weeded my new herb
>garden for me, for which I am eternally grateful. Every time I bent over to
>pull a weed it seemed as though my center of gravity shifted radically and
>over I would go. Speaking of yarbs, my epazote never came up! I can't
>believe this, what is a nuisance weed all over Texas won't grow for me in
>Louisiana. The seed was this years packing so it must of been something I
>did wrong. Once this little cool spell is over I'm gonna try again. The

George, epazote is s-llllll-ooooo-wwww to germinate.  Maybe not as slow as
it was for me until I discovered it needed light to germinate.  Once it has
germinated, tiny pin pricks of plants just sit there forever before they
start growing.  

I'm not even 1/4 finished planting my garden.  And somewhere along the way
I've got to dig out the rest of the quackgrass so I can plant some herbs in
the west bed.  Chuck took on the quackgrass, and while I was watching, he
pulled out rhizomes, putting them in the trash.  When I discovered I
couldn't shove the shovel into the dirt I put on shoes and pushed the
shovel into the soil.  There I discovered he had pulled the tops off the
quackgrass when I wasn't looking.  Appeared to get a lot of work done, but
it has to be done over again.  Margaret