Re: [gardeners] Rotten week/day

penny x stamm (
Sun, 3 May 1998 01:52:14 -0400

George, if you scan the Internet looking for acute sinus
infection information, you will come across a doctor in 
Singapore -- I believe -- who suggests that we soak some
very hot peppers in hot water, and after a few hours, take up
some of the liquid and place it in the nose. He says it will 
knock the infection out of you...   I'm sure it will knock the
stuffing out of you, as well!  

>Let's see. I combine snorting garlic water with eating a spoonful of 
fresh horseradish while I'm taking a very hot shower (my doctors 
idea) and then stand by for an orange light, a blast from the colon, 
and a runny  nose.

Somehow the idea of just staying sick sounds better and better. <VBG>


This is my 8th and last week on a very strong antibiotic, to try and 
kill a sinus infection. If it is not thoroughly cured, it will return, of
course. That means the next step is surgery -- and the Internet
agrees. Ugghh....

Side effects, rather unexpected:  four capsules a day, and it's
mandatory that one eats first. So at 2:00am (I'm up anyway)
I have to trot in to the kitchen and look for something with which
to line my stomach...  The minimum I have devised adds up to
200 calories. Now try a little math: 200 calories X 7 days a week
X 8 weeks= [200x7x8]= 11,200 unexpected and unwelcome extra

I cannot button my pants.

Penny, NY

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