Re: [gardeners] Mystery Basil

Catharine Vinson (
Sun, 3 May 1998 22:43:36 +0000

Terry wrote:

>.  It has very small leaves 
> is light green and has a growth habit much like wild marjoram (origanum 
> vulgare) although I am unsure of its mature height.  It has a  typical basil 
> fragrance, not quite as strong as sweet basil.

If it were tidier in growth a wee boxwood hedge, I'd guess 
greek windowbox. If it's really sprawling, it might be basil thyme 
(neither a thyme nor a basil; I can't remember its proper thame...acinos 
alpinus or something somwhat similar.) But basil thyme is a perennial, not 
an annual. Does have a bail scent, but not particularly strong.