Re: [gardeners] Mystery Basil

Terry King (
Mon, 04 May 1998 07:48:43 -0600

On Sun, 3 May 1998 22:43:36 +0000, Catharine Vinson wrote:

>Terry wrote:
>>.  It has very small leaves 
>> is light green and has a growth habit much like wild marjoram (origanum 
>> vulgare) although I am unsure of its mature height.  It has a  typical basil 
>> fragrance, not quite as strong as sweet basil.
>If it were tidier in growth a wee boxwood hedge, I'd guess 
>greek windowbox. If it's really sprawling, it might be basil thyme 
>(neither a thyme nor a basil; I can't remember its proper thame...acinos 
>alpinus or something somwhat similar.) But basil thyme is a perennial, not 
>an annual. Does have a bail scent, but not particularly strong.

Thanks Catharine,

I knew if anyone might know what it is, it would be you.  I would say it is a 
strong basil scent just not quite as strong as sweet basil.  It still fills the air 
with scent when brushed.  I'll watch its habit as its still young and could not 
have had all the light it wants.  It was grown in a greenhouse so that could 
make it a bit more leggy seeming if it was really warm during growth.  It is 
hardened off and I have it outside unless it freezes.  

With the way the weather's been here I'm tempted to plant tomatoes and 
peppers outside but I know it will freeze again at night if I do.  At least it 
not wet and cold while I'm sitting at little league games.

Frying in the heat,

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