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George Shirley (
Mon, 04 May 1998 09:44:54

At 01:43 AM 5/4/98 -0400, you wrote:
>Yes, Barb, I certainly would like to try Dale. Please share the URL. 
>Guess I was lucky -- my experimental Fuji film came in a 4-pack..! 
>Jimmie reminds me that I can turn in a film to a special
>lab about 8 miles away, and they will put the results on a 
>disk for me to print out on Jim's color printer thru the
>computer. I know that Seattle Film Works offers this service, 
>but I have not tried it. I really do not like to mail my film
>3000 miles away, subject to the vaguaries of the U.S.Postal
>Service and the Weatherman. Would much prefer to drive
>directly to the lab. 

I used Seattle Filmworks all the years we lived in the Middle East and
other countries. (I'm third-generation oil field trash)Always got my film
back in good shape, done on time, etc. Mailed it to Seattle from all over
the world and never missed a picture. Either I'm really lucky or care was
taken at every step. Shucks, if my pictures could survive the Saudi Postal
Service and Saudi customs it could survive an a-bomb.

>It's akin to mail-ordering herbacious plants. You win some, 
>and you lose some. I once received a bonsai mailed from
>Los Angeles and very well packed, but deader than a doornail. 
>I would HATE to get back a roll of film which was deader than
>a doornail..! 
>I have both a 20 cuft and an 11 cuft freezer, but there is no way
>that I could get all my slides inside them!  Yes, Kay, how do
>you do it? Our problem over the years was that the original slides
>mounted in glass (circa 1957) all developed red splotches, and
>have become useless. 
>When we were developing our own films, we had an assortment
>of film tanks -- one roll, two roll, four roll, bakelite and stainless
>steel, etc. One day when Jim had four rolls from our trip loaded 
>into one tank, and was turning the tank actively to aggitate the 
>developer, the lid flew off. Since that day, we have had a 
>stainless steel cocktail shaker. .
>Penny, NY
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