[gardeners] Hot, yeah!

George Shirley (gardeners@globalgarden.com)
Mon, 04 May 1998 18:08:59

Bumping 90F today at our house and weather report this afternoon says for
sure 90F in next few days. Maybe that's what it will take to kill the
winter rye Miz Anne planted on the lawn. Darned stuff is rapidly making
seed heads so maybe I could harvest enough to make a jug of rye whiskey or
a loaf of rye bread. Actually she mowed it all winter to use the green
stuff in her compost heap. One mowing for the heap, one mulched into the
lawn for fertilizer. I'm glad she does the mowing. Big job, probably takes
45 minutes with the self-propelled lawn mower and, if I had my way, would
be much less by this fall. We be fighting over plowing up the back forty
some more. I have already reduced the back lawn by an additional 534 square
feet and I can see at least another 500 square feet that is just begging to
be turned into something more productive than GRASS. (Shout was intentional).

I found a feller today with a bunch of cinder blocks he wants to get rid of
so I'm dickering with him over price. They're used blocks but the mortar
has already been cleaned off. I can buy new ones for about a buck and a
quarter so I'm thinking of offering two bits apiece and I haul them for
this batch. Looks to about 200 of them so would be more than enough for
some projects I have in mind. No. 1 I'm gonna move the compost pit again,
back to the east side of the raised bed garden and I wanna enlarge the pit.
Want to make it a three-stall rig so I can just toss the materials over
into the next pit as I turn it. Had one like that once and could turn out
pretty good finished compost in 21 days and very good finished compost in
30 days. Also want to remove the railroad ties around the veggie garden and
replace them with cinder blocks. In addition, once we get the neighbors
greenhouse moved over here, I will need a base for it to sit on. Our
rainfall will rot out the bottom timbers otherwise. Have to go help the
neighbor empty that greenhouse tomorrow so I can start taking it apart to
bring home.

Found another feller with two fig trees and three kaki persimmon trees. He
doesn't eat the fruit and no one in his neighborhood wants it soooo. He
says help myself and if I want to fertilize and look after the trees that's
okay with him. Now if I could just find a big field of dewberries to pick.

George, rapidly recovering from the sinus infection