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penny x stamm (
Mon, 4 May 1998 01:43:22 -0400

Yes, Barb, I certainly would like to try Dale. Please share the URL. 

Guess I was lucky -- my experimental Fuji film came in a 4-pack..! 

Jimmie reminds me that I can turn in a film to a special
lab about 8 miles away, and they will put the results on a 
disk for me to print out on Jim's color printer thru the
computer. I know that Seattle Film Works offers this service, 
but I have not tried it. I really do not like to mail my film
3000 miles away, subject to the vaguaries of the U.S.Postal
Service and the Weatherman. Would much prefer to drive
directly to the lab. 

It's akin to mail-ordering herbacious plants. You win some, 
and you lose some. I once received a bonsai mailed from
Los Angeles and very well packed, but deader than a doornail. 
I would HATE to get back a roll of film which was deader than
a doornail..! 

I have both a 20 cuft and an 11 cuft freezer, but there is no way
that I could get all my slides inside them!  Yes, Kay, how do
you do it? Our problem over the years was that the original slides
mounted in glass (circa 1957) all developed red splotches, and
have become useless. 

When we were developing our own films, we had an assortment
of film tanks -- one roll, two roll, four roll, bakelite and stainless
steel, etc. One day when Jim had four rolls from our trip loaded 
into one tank, and was turning the tank actively to aggitate the 
developer, the lid flew off. Since that day, we have had a 
stainless steel cocktail shaker. .

Penny, NY

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