[gardeners] Re: blue flower photos

penny x stamm (gardeners@globalgarden.com)
Mon, 4 May 1998 02:26:20 -0400

Kay, my friend takes only slides of her trips, and then
has prints made -- but I would never say that her prints
are very good, altho the slides may be. She uses 
ordinary commercial processing. 

I have another friend who has her walls splattered with
good photos of everything on her tours, but all the pix
have a serious magenta cast to them. Obviously she gets them
done at the same place every year. The fascinating thing is
that we use the same custom lab -- and I guarantee that my
pictures are not pink! I would guess that the operator knows
what we both like by heart, and supplies it ....... 

My husband reminds me that years ago we used Agfa film,
and it too had to be refrigerated. We were forced to give it
up, since they withdrew it from the market. It's probably available
in Europe.. 

To bring this thread back to the garden, my last roll of Kodak Gold
just came in. What I see is that long view shots have given me 
much better color rendition than closeups. And the only reasonable
pictures of the Starry Nights are the manually underexposed ones. 
Now that the PJMs, etc, are finished, Jimmie and I plan to tackle the
Hino Crimson and Tradition (bold pink) azaleas, each of which I have 
in massive plantings. We will use a tripod (to keep the angle of view
uniform), will pre-write down an assortment of exposures, and then 
will shoot. I'll use both Fuji and Kodak films. 

Last year's pictures of my extraordinarily colorful, jamm-packed big
flower bed came out right on target, with no adjustments to the
automatic exposures, full sun. Have not figured that out, yet. And I 
have a dozen photos of individual roses still happily showing their 
pretty faces at Hallowe'en, with perfect color.  It's a puzzlement!

Penny, NY zone 6

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