[gardeners] photography

Barb Rothenberger (gardeners@globalgarden.com)
Mon, 04 May 1998 06:19:40 -0500

Penny:  the url for Dale Labs is: www.dalelabs.com/
You can also have them put your pictures on the internet for you - they
will give you a password and usserid and you can give it out to who ever
you want to see your pictures.  They will also put them on a disc.  If you
don't like to send the exposed film to them directly (or, if you're in a
hurry to SEE them as I often am), you can ask your local processing lab to
NOT cut your negatives, and sent the uncut roll to them and they will make
slides from the negatives. I DO NOT like the film they sell, so be sure to
always say you do not want new film.  I ended up giving most of mine away.
For prints I still prefer to go to our local lab.
	I also have a darkroom but my enlarger is an old Omega D-2 and not set up
for color, so I can only do black & white.  I was about to get rid of it
until at a Garden Writer's meeting one of the editors from a book company
said they still need good black & white photos especially "how to" photos.
So I kept the enlarge - still haven't DONE anything with it, you realize,
but it's still sitting there in my laundry room, all set up and ready to
go.  The worse thing I did in developing a roll was to roll up the paper
instead of the film into the apron and when I turned on the lights, there
was my film lying at my feet.  oh well.(120 film)
	I was just thinking I should probably take our azaleas again WITH the
tripod.  Afraid I am terrible about not doing the things I KNOW I should be
doing - lazy I guess.  I really hate dragging a tripod around - have
several.  No excuse for not using one at home!
Barb Rothenberger
Columbia, Mo.
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