[gardeners] Supper

George Shirley (gardeners@globalgarden.com)
Tue, 05 May 1998 20:30:47

Just finished a nice salad containing a) swiss chard planted this season;
b) sorrel; c) this season's early lettuce; d) salad burnet; e) leaf celery;
and f) kohlrabi from the winter garden; and FRESH TUMBLER TOMATOES FROM
PLANTS THAT CAME UP ON JANUARY 31, 1998. Yup, first tomatoes of the season
for us. For some reason the tomatoes on one plant are ripening early so
we're eating them. The other 3 plants are loaded with green tomatoes. Oh
yeah, threw in a couple of serrano chiles from a plant held over from last
year, a fresh casabella chile from this years plants, and a couple of mild
Longhorns from another hold over. We also had roast beef, hominy, and
black-eyed peas so it was a complete meal eaten late.

Cruising the main garden this afternoon checking for bugs and such I noted
that the Casabella and Hawaiian Tabasco chiles are loaded with young fruit
while the other new crop chiles are just now setting fruit. The main crop
of tomatoes, Dinner Plate, Amish Paste, Homestead, and Yellow Pear are
blooming like crazy and setting fruit on the lower limbs. Squash and edible
gourd are climbing and blooming and the basil is getting bigger every day.

Have been doing a little clean-up weeding and making preparations for
laying down the mulch. Got the newspapers folded and ready and several bags
of chopped leaves are standing by. Getting warmer every day so we will soon
be in the throes of hot weather here. Hope everyone is able to get out and