Re: [gardeners] Supper

Gayle Fields (
Tue, 05 May 1998 22:13:27 -0600

George, you are going to make me decide to move down there!!  Maybe the
lot next to you - now that would be good.

We have had a fire just raging NW of us and this morning I wanted to
take the kids out to work into the school garden.  And by the way had
lots of great ideas from your daughter but still looking for some
sponsors.  Anyway, the radio said to close up the windows and turn off
the air conditioners (as if we had such) and to keep the animals
inside.  Si I said to the kids, animals are to be kept inside so let's
do math!! Actually we planned out some more garden.

But tonight I get back from my rounds of picking up donated perennials
for my school garden and we could hardly breathe for the smoke from the
Alberta fire up in Swan Hills.  Just a hopin that Brenda is not getting
any of this.  Breathing is hard for those that have asthma and other
types of lung problems... We have the house sealed quite right up.

On to gardening.......I have been quite amazed with what has survived
our winter.  Garlics going mad!!:):)  I have dianthus, lantana, my roses
(all) and would you believe it.......1 petunia!!  Let us celebrate this
petunia must be the first in Calgary!!

My prediction for us in zone 3 Alberta is a drought like the 30's.  The
plants are too far ahead and the animals are also way beyond what spring
calls for.... Have decided that my plants will be well watered and well
rooted before the July season sets upon us.  Will also update ant

HOPE we do not see things like tornadoes!!


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