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Terry King (
Fri, 08 May 1998 07:47:08 -0600

On Thu, 07 May 1998 15:09:47, George Shirley wrote:

>>I've been spending my mornings working on my garden.  This week I 
>>prepared the soil and planted 40 lbs of potatoes, 20 lbs of Yukons, and 5
>>each Red Ponitacs, Norland Reds, Kennebec and Russet Burbanks.  I've 
>>been getting the new strawberry beds preped.  I planted 100 strawberry 
>>plants this morning, 50 Honeye and 50 Ft. Laramie.  Next is to get the 
>>potatoes mulched and plant some walla walla sweet onion plants.
>65 lbs of taters! Gawd, we don't eat that many taters in a year. Of course
>we don't have a horde of hungry boys either. It seems so strange, here on
>the 7th of May, to hear other gardeners ARE JUST NOW PLANTING. Isn't it
>amazing how we get accustomed to our zone, our gardens, our way of 
>and planting! Although I like the idea that I had a New Zealand spinach,
>swiss chard, radish, herbs, and tomato salad for lunch - all out of this
>spring garden - lightly tossed with a nice herbal vinegar. You can stuff a
>few of those Walla Walla sweets in the A drive when they get ripe Terry,
>always room for those or Vidalias or Texas 1015Y's.

Actually I just planted 40lbs consisiting of 20lbs yukons, and 5lbs ea of the 
others.  I phrased that badly.  This should give me about 500 to 800 lbs of 
spud for us and several friends families for the winter.  I love potatoes 
anyway I can get them, especially cream of potato & broccoli soup.

Wish I could have a salad from my garden with the price of lettuce in the 
stores here!  Went to buy some a couple of days ago and they wanted $2.19 
for a little bitty head of leaf lettuce.  I saw romaine at a store last night for 
over $3.00/head!  We're eating alternate salads until my lettuce is big 
enough.  I have lots of volunteer seedlings from all the great lettuces I 
planted last year and a bunch of new varities for this year.  I also bought a 
couple of different mesclun mixes.

Those weiners sound great!  This afternoon I'm taking cubscouts fishing, sort 
of a mother/son fishing day, and we'll roast hotdogs over a with them.

Gayle,  great come back you gave the kid!  I just don't see how some 
teachers are allowed to get away with calling kids names.  Our boy's have 
been taught how to banter so they are good at quick replies but as I kid I 
would have been devastated.

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