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George Shirley (
Fri, 08 May 1998 10:39:57

At 07:47 AM 5/8/98 -0600, you wrote:
>Actually I just planted 40lbs consisiting of 20lbs yukons, and 5lbs ea of
>others.  I phrased that badly.  This should give me about 500 to 800 lbs of 
>spud for us and several friends families for the winter.  I love potatoes 
>anyway I can get them, especially cream of potato & broccoli soup.
>Wish I could have a salad from my garden with the price of lettuce in the 
>stores here!  Went to buy some a couple of days ago and they wanted $2.19 
>for a little bitty head of leaf lettuce.  I saw romaine at a store last
night for 
>over $3.00/head!  We're eating alternate salads until my lettuce is big 
>enough.  I have lots of volunteer seedlings from all the great lettuces I 
>planted last year and a bunch of new varities for this year.  I also
bought a 
>couple of different mesclun mixes.
>Those weiners sound great!  This afternoon I'm taking cubscouts fishing,
>of a mother/son fishing day, and we'll roast hotdogs over a with them.
>Gayle,  great come back you gave the kid!  I just don't see how some 
>teachers are allowed to get away with calling kids names.  Our boy's have 
>been taught how to banter so they are good at quick replies but as I kid I 
>would have been devastated.
>Terry King                  North Central Eastern Washington
>        USDA zone 4, Sunset Zone 1
I'm one of those "lucky" people who was born with a sense of humor that
became sarcasm, that came full circle to humor again. I had a teacher tell
me when I was in 5th grade that I was a "sick" child because I could trade
repartee with adults. I was the youngest of three children with the next
youngest being nine years older than me. Mom and Dad were in their thirties
when I was born so I was always around adults more than other children. My
Dad had a wicked sense of humor as does my eldest sister. Stood me in good
stead over the years so I taught my children to be as quick witted as they
could. It's nice to be able to zing back at folks without making them mad.
Of course you have to be careful not to get in a battle of wits with an
unarmed person. <VBG>

To keep this gardening related: I'm deep watering the blueberries and
raspberries this morning so the berries can be nice and plump and
delicious. (He says this with drool running down his chin.) The sunchokes
are up and growing and the Yellow Pear tomatoes are running toward ripe
now. Picked a couple of mild chiles to snack on awhile ago and the dog was
begging for some so we shared. Made Miz Anne a bench for the front flower
beds, just a little small one so she could sit and paint or rest as she
works her flowers. Old gal has a birthday coming on the 20th of this month
so I'm gonna make her some decorative birdhouses this afternoon. Got them
sketched out, a cajun cabin one with a coffee can roof and back and front
porches, a western false front street centering on Miss Wren's Sporting
House, and a Toonerville type house that leans precariously. Will probably
paint them to match what they represent, except the Western scene, will
make it out of old cedar fence boards I scrounged. You watch, the blasted
wrens will probably move into them although they ignore the scientifically
designed wren houses hanging about. 

Back to digging in the dirt.