Re: [gardeners] Bugs

Kay Lancaster (
Fri, 8 May 1998 17:51:08 -0700 (PDT)

On Fri, 8 May 1998, George Shirley wrote:

> call for the same decision, soapy water spray or insecticidal soap. By the
> way, what is Kay's formula for soapy water spray? I must have missed that
> one. Oh yeah, no goldfinches that I've ever seen around here, American or
> otherwise. Thank you one and all.

1 t soap (well, I use Palmolive original green dish detergent) to 1
gallon water; spray on plant, paying special attention to undersides of
leaves, leaf axils, etc.  Be sure to spray only in the evening or early
morning (to avoid sun scorch) and rinse off the soap an hour afterwards
with plain water.

If pests are not removed by 1 tsp soap/gallon of water and the leaves are
not burned, try doubling the concentration of soap (max 1 Tbsp/gal).
Don't use more often than once a week.  Do not spray if temps are over 90
unless you don't mind the leaf scorch.

Both aphids and spidermites are more of a problem on stressed plants,
esp. water-stressed plants, so you might also want to check your watering
Kay Lancaster
just west of Portland, OR; USDA zone 8 (polarfleece)