Re: [gardeners] Dark confession...

George Shirley (
Sun, 10 May 1998 07:46:22

At 09:53 PM 5/9/98 +0000, you wrote:
>As 50 approaches, I decided that it was time to buy my first scented 
>They are, to me, the essential old lady plant.
>Now, I have this thing. It is called 'nutmeg'. It has a pretty little pale 
>flower and tidy leaves. I don't hate it too much.
>Now, what the tweet do I do with it? It's in a 4-inch pot and while it's 
>not root bound, it would like to move up into Big Plant Pot, methinks.
>I am 100% ignorant about pelargoniums. I know they aren't in love with 
>Atlanta's humidity. I know the soil mix should be light and very fast 
>draining. What else?
>Catharine, who is both aged and ignorant.
Miz Anne, who is a few birthdays past the half-century mark, has several of
the pelargoniums. They seem to do well in our high humidity (90% plus) area
if they are in shade or semi-shade for half the day. We keep them on a west
facing wall that has morning shade and afternoon sun. She pots them in
10-inch pots in Sam's Magic Earth, a potting soil from Walmart, made from
composted Georgia pine bark, a light bentonite clay, and perlite. It drains
fast but holds moisture for at least a day. A little fish emulsion, or even
that blue stuff, and they grow well for her.

George, who has never thought of the love of his life as old.